The Milligans

Robert Milligan was born in Swissvale on August 28, 1869. Milligan first appeared in the Pittsburgh city directory in the late 1890’s as a physician who lived in Swissvale and practiced in the Smith Block in Downtown Pittsburgh. Directories listed Milligan as living in Swissvale and practicing in the Westinghouse Building during the early 1900’s. The 1909 directory reported that he lived at the Duquesne Club in Downtown Pittsburgh.

The 1910 manuscript census reported that Robert Milligan and his wife Marguerite lived at 934 Western Avenue with Marguerite Milligan’s mother, Hester Singer, and two servants. The Milligans, married one year, had no children. Robert Milligan, 39, was a physician in general practice, and Marguerite Milligan, 36, had no occupation.

Hester Singer, a 72 year old widow born in Pennsylvania, was of Irish descent. She had had four children, with all still living in 1910, and owned her home at 934 North Lincoln Avenue fully. She had no occupation.

Servants living at 934 Western Avenue were Agnes Benach, 36, a “ladies maid” who was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1907, and Annie Kelley, 32, a chambermaid who was born in Ireland and immigrated in 1895.

Directories listed Robert Milligan at 934 Western Avenue through 1918. He was listed at 709 Irwin Avenue from 1919 to 1940, the year after Marguerite Singer Milligan died. After selling 709 Irwin Avenue in 1940, Milligan lived at the Hotel Schenley in Oakland through 1943, the last year he appeared in the directory.

The 1920 manuscript census will be available to the public in 1992 and should provide information on residents of 709 Irwin Avenue in 1920. Census information is withheld for 72 years after it is gathered for purposes of privacy.