Max Klein

Max Klein was a wholesale liquor dealer in Pittsburgh between the 1870s and 1890s, operating stores on lower Federal Street in Allegheny City and at 410 Market Street, Downtown. Klein was a Bavarian immigrant and a Civil War veteran.

Records of the 1890 manuscript census, which would provide information on the Klein family and any other residents of 935 Beech Avenue in that year, were destroyed in a warehouse fire following the completion of the census. Records of the 1880 census, taken four to five years before the Klein family moved to 935 Beech Avenue, provide some information on the family. In 1880, Max Klein was 37 years old and his wife, Henrietta, was 28. The couple then had three children: Leah, seven, Arthur H., five and Milton, born in September 1879. The Kleins employed two servants, Rosina Rogers and Gertrude Smith, who lived in their home. The size of the house at 935 Beech Avenue, together with Max Klein’s continuing success in business, strongly suggests that the family also had live-in help at that address.

After moving from 935 Beech Avenue in 1891-1892, the Klein family lived at 911 Beech Avenue. The family remained at that address into the early 20th century.

The Klein family does not appear to have been related to the Klee family.