Children's Storytelling

Ceinwen King-Smith

Saturday, August 25th
3:00 pm

Join us for a family-friendly afternoon of storytelling with Ceinwen King-Smith.

Though she can’t prove it, Ceinwen King-Smith thinks she is the only blind American teacher to travel to China to teach Russian. She will be sharing stories and songs that she discovered during her travels in China — each a unique take on underdogs triumphing over obstacles.

Ceinwen King-Smith

Along with her stories, Ceinwen will also be singing in multiple languages. Don’t miss this inspiring afternoon of tales and music presented by a local treasure!

Children who received a passport booklet at a previous Let’s Travel The World program can bring these back to receive another collectible sticker! But it’s never too late to collect stickers, so if this will be your first time at Let’s Travel The World, be sure to ask for your sticker. Each sticker in your passport earns discounts in City of Asylum Bookstore.

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