Now that the folks are starting to venture out of the house after the Winter “blahs”, we’re starting to see an uptick in requests for AWCC to follow-up on issues like potholes, streetlights and parking. I figured this was a good time to remind people of strategies that have worked for us in the past when we’re trying to get some assistance from the City.

The first thing that any department we speak with asks us is a reference number for the 311 report that we should have already filed about the complaint. That means that it’s really important that when you call to make a report or when you make a report by email, make sure the operator gives a “Reference (sometimes called a Ticket) Number”. Generally we prefer that neighbors make the initial report since you’re the person with the most first-hand knowledge of the problem. If you’re not able to get the issue resolved, AWCC needs that 311 Reference Number to follow up. To make it easier to notify AWCC when you’ve filed a report and to keep track of reference numbers we set up the email address which you can use in one of the optional cc’ sections in the online reporting.

For more information about 311 tracking, as well as direct links to the City 311 online reporting website go to our Government Resources page. Happy reporting!