Welcome to the insert of the Allegheny West Gazette, home of the content for people who can’t meet perfectly reasonable Newsletter
deadlines. Just a few quick updates since even with the insert, we have so much going on it won’t fit in a regular size newsletter.

  • Thanks to everyone who participated in the session with Jim Pashek at last month’s membership meeting. He shared some great plans around the priorities that folks have put forward which include several strategies for addressing our aging tree population, unsafe sidewalks and dangerous pedestrian crossings at place like Beech Avenue & Brighton Road, North Avenue and near the T-station. We also have a complete inventory of all the trees & tree-wells in the entire neighborhood, as well as a proposal for the Mary Cassatt garden. Jim continues to meet with the City and we’ll have a final proposal to vote on at either the June or July meeting.
  • Yay! The summer picnics are starting! The first one is Memorial Day on Monday, May 30. Please come by and help set up at 3:00 pm. This month we’ll be in the 800 block of Beech. Bocce should be starting up soon on Wednesday evenings! Look for the announcements.
  • Thanks to Tim for hosting an awesome Marathon party (Maybe we should lobby to be at the end next year? Man, 6:00 am is early even with all the awesome food everyone brought!) and for all the folks who turned out to clean up the neighborhood and the parklet the Saturday before. Dr. Dan (who deserves special thanks for his tireless litter removal offorts) says that the City street sweepers have told him, that we’re the cleanest neighborhood in the City. Keep up the good work everyone!

Catherine Serventi
President, AWCC