Submitted by Mary Callison

The holidays are over and 2015 is here. As a result of the 2014 elections I became membership chair.  Tim Zinn did such a wonderful job as membership chair the last two years it will be a difficult act follow. I discovered after reading the Council by-laws the plan was for each chairperson to form a committee to accomplish the work for that area.  Membership is responsible for planning Block Parties, neighborhood social events and activities. Over the last few years we have bowled, played bocce and gathered at neighborhood sites for a Mixer. I have a couple of additional ideas and hopefully some of you have ideas of things we can do to have even more fun. If you would like to help with this process and be part of the membership committee; call me 412-321-5951 or email me I plan to schedule a membership committee meeting  by the first of February. Do not be scared, we will not meet on regular basis, once we have plans for the year most things will be done by phone or email.