Krapp's Last Tape and Not I

Presented by TACT
July 6 – 9 | 8PM

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Martin Giles

Krapp’s Last Tape – Performed by Martin Giles

An aging man lives a lonely and shabby existence in a darkened room. At year’s end, he takes out a bottle of wine, a banana, and his tape recorder, and he listens to his own voice recount the glories and hopes of his youth. Krapp’s Last Tape is the most affectionate portrait of a character that Samuel Beckett has ever done. A tour-de-force of a one-man show.
Daina Michelle Griffith

Not I – Performed by Daina Michelle Griffith

An empty stage save for a lone woman’s lips. The voice of a generation of women that were unable to speak and now cannot stop. Alone in an empty world, this tortured soul recounts her life in one long uninterrupted monologue. Even if she can’t be heard, she will still speak.