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Discounted Tickets for Northsiders: Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens

Presented by Front Porch Theatricals
August 23rd + 24th at 8:00 pm

Grey Gardens is a frequently funny, tragic and utterly unforgettable musical about two “staunch” and legendary American women – Edith Bouvier Beale, and her grown daughter, Edie. The Beales were Jacqueline Kennedy’s aunt and cousin, respectively. Set at Grey Gardens, the Bouviers’ mansion in East Hampton, Long Island, the musical weaves documentary text with imaginative speculation to trace the Beales’ journey from royalty to ruin. With a diverse musical songbook, including Tin Pan Alley jigs and soaring ballads, Grey Gardens is a unique tapestry of lost dreams, sacrifice, and unstoppable hope– heartfelt, witty, and compassionate.

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Department of City Planning’s Public Engagement Plan

City of Pittsburgh Banner

You’re invited to participate in the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of City Planning (DCP) Public Engagement Plan!

As the City moves forward with a Comprehensive Plan, which will shape policy and practice for the City’s sustainable growth, meaningful and effective public engagement will be key to the success of this work. That’s why we’re starting with a Public Engagement Plan. This process has TWO central pieces:

Panel Flyer1. Please come to the Panel on Public Engagement!

The event will occur on Thursday, September 13th from 6:00-8:30 pm at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Please let us know if you can make it by clicking the button below.

Click here for a shareable copy of the flyer to encourage your friends and neighbors to attend.

RSVP for the Panel

2. If you’d like to be a bit more involved, apply for the Public Engagement Working Group (PEWG)

The PEWG will review and renew the approach to public participation in the City’s Planning process. The key focus of this group’s work will be to help the Department of City Planning create a Public Engagement Plan for the City’s Comprehensive Plan initiative. Engagement is key to the next phase of completing the Comprehensive Plan, in coordination with major planning initiatives including the OnePGH Resilience Strategy; the p4 Principles of People, Planet, Place and Performance; and building on public engagement and guidance.

To apply, click the button below or fill out this survey: The survey will be available until Sunday, August 26th at midnight.

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“A beauty contest in this crisis? It’s a way of surviving.”

City of Asylum (2018)

ReelQ Presents

Mr. Gay Syria

Monday, August 20th
7:00 pm

Set in Istanbul and Berlin, Mr. Gay Syria follows two gay refugees as they try to rebuild their lives after fleeing the war in Syria.

What brings them together is a crazy dream: joining the international beauty contest called Mr. Gay World, hosted in Malta. If they manage, it will be the first time an Arab man from the Middle East attends such a public event. This is the place to generate visibility and launch a campaign for Syrian gay refugees.

Mr Gay Syria

“…it may not change policy, but perhaps it will make us feel closer to people we fear.” — The Guardian

While Mr. Gay Syria follows the journey of the two characters and their friends, the beauty contest becomes a thread that weaves together the difficulties of being gay in homophobic societies, the challenges of coming out, the joy of falling in love and the devastating migration crisis.

Join us for the Pittsburgh premiere screening (before its theatrical release).

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Discounted Tickets for Northsiders: Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

Presented by Urban Impact
August 3rd – 11th at 8:00 pm (Sunday at 2:00 pm)

When shipwrecked Viola washes up on the shores of Illyria, she disguises herself as her twin brother and chaos ensues. In Shakespeare’s classic comedy of mistaken identity, love triangles, and the world’s most famous drunk uncle, each of the characters must perilously and hilariously journey toward self-discovery.

Grab your turntable and some cross-gartered stockings and join us in Illyria — where the music is pumpin’, the fashion is poppin’, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.

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July 30: “Honesty is a sin in this country”

City of Asylum (2018)

Sembène – The Film & Art Festival Presents

Mandabi (The Money Order)

Monday, July 30th
7:00 pm

A money order from a relative in Paris throws the life of a Senegalese family man out of order.

Illiterate and unemployed, Ibrahima Dieng’s sudden windfall — a money order from his street sweeper nephew in France for 20,000 francs (roughly $100) — plunges him into a Kafkaesque journey into bureaucracy and corruption. As friends, relations, and debtors close in, he finds he can’t cash it without an identity card, which requires a proof of birth, which in turn requires a birth certificate, three photos and a 50-cent stamp… and that’s just the beginning!


… it was with Mandabi (The Money Order) in 1968, that Sembène’s dream to reconnect with Africa’s masses came through. For the first time … an African filmmaker was experimenting by using an African language (Wolof), hence setting a new trend which would be followed by all film makers on the continent.” – Samba Gadjigo, Ph.D.

The Money Order is a gentle yet powerful satire about post-colonial Senegal. As Dieng concludes “honesty is a sin in this country.”

This film will be presented in Wolof with English subtitles.

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Caught Between Creativity and Convention

City of Asylum (2018)

ReelQ Presents

Play the Devil

Monday, July 23rd
7:00 pm

Gregory, a gifted working-class teenager from Paramin, stars in a play that brings him to the attention of James, an affluent businessman. The two men strike an uncanny friendship as James takes Greg under his wing, pushing him to discover himself professionally, creatively, and intimately.

Play the Devil

“A powerful sense of place deepens a simple melodrama in Play the Devil… In a provincial setting where homosexuality apparently is still stigmatized and closeted, the writer-director effectively uses the primal intensity of Carnival rituals to express a tragic dissonance.” — The Hollywood Reporter

However, Greg’s poverty allows James to exert enormous pressures on Greg by paying his way into his family life. Their ultimate confrontation begs the question: “When we give, how often is it entirely altruistic?”

Set against the backdrop of Trinidad and Tobago’s mystical Carnival, Play The Devil shatters conventions of sexuality, masculinity, morality and individuality through its unapologetic multi-layered explorations of power dynamics, religion and aspirations.

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Opening Friday: Gloria by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins


Gloria Actors


Erika Cuenca* | Max Pavel | Ricardo Vila-Roger
Dylan T. Jackson | Moira Quigley | Sami Ma*

July 20 – August 5

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8:00 pm
Sundays at 2:00 pm

Nova Place

100 South Commons
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

$15.00 advance, $20.00 door

Hatch Arts Collective presents the Pulitzer-nominated Gloria by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins at Nova Place on Pittsburgh’s Northside. Directed by Adil Mansoor and making its Pittsburgh premiere, Gloria follows a group of young professionals in a gripping story about workplace toxicity, career ambitions, and the publishing industry.

Please Note: Each performance has limited seating capacity and there is no late seating. We strongly suggest pre-purchasing your tickets and leaving the house in plenty of time!

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Yoko Suzuki Trio

City of Asylum (2018)

Yoko Suzuki Trio

Thursday, July 19th
8:00 pm

If you have been coming to our jazz programs this past year, chances are you heard Yoko Suzuki on the alto saxophone. She has appeared with Roger Humphries & RH Factor, as well as will Etta Cox. This concert marks her debut at City of Asylum @ Alphabet City as a bandleader of her own trio.

Yoko Suzuki Trio

In addition to Yoko, the trio features organist Cliff Barns and drummer James Johnson III. They will play a mix of Yoko’s original songs and jazz standards.

A musician known both locally and nationally, and an ethnomusicologist, Yoko’s playing is deeply informed by jazz across the globe, especially Japan where she trained. During the concert, we look forward to her sharing this rich history in both her music and her comments.

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