Candidate's Night

AWCC will be hosting the City Council candidates for District 1 on Tuesday April 14 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm at Calvary Church. All three of the candidates have confirmed their attendance.

Anne Gilligan will be moderating. All candidates will be given 2 minutes to answer each question, and then they will all be given 1 minute of rebuttal time. The speaking order will be decided by a random drawing.

We are going to start everyone off with the question:

What is the biggest problem facing Pittsburgh and how will you address it?

The committee would also like to solicit questions from the neighborhood in advance. Please submit your questions below or on this website and the committee members will group the most popular questions together. Assuming time allows we’ll also take some questions from the audience the evening of the event.

Anyone from District 1 is invited to attend. We will have some cookies, veggies and drinks but you’re welcome to bring a snack to share. (No alcohol please, out of respect for Calvary and the moderator’s sanity. )

NOTE: Our regular AWCC membership meeting will take place at 8:30pm following the event, and we hope everyone will stay (even if it’s messes up our quorum count.)

Submit your question using the form linked below or by sending a note with your name and question to

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