City of Asylum (2018)

Sembène – The Film & Art Festival Presents

Mandabi (The Money Order)

Monday, July 30th
7:00 pm

A money order from a relative in Paris throws the life of a Senegalese family man out of order.

Illiterate and unemployed, Ibrahima Dieng’s sudden windfall — a money order from his street sweeper nephew in France for 20,000 francs (roughly $100) — plunges him into a Kafkaesque journey into bureaucracy and corruption. As friends, relations, and debtors close in, he finds he can’t cash it without an identity card, which requires a proof of birth, which in turn requires a birth certificate, three photos and a 50-cent stamp… and that’s just the beginning!


… it was with Mandabi (The Money Order) in 1968, that Sembène’s dream to reconnect with Africa’s masses came through. For the first time … an African filmmaker was experimenting by using an African language (Wolof), hence setting a new trend which would be followed by all film makers on the continent.” – Samba Gadjigo, Ph.D.

The Money Order is a gentle yet powerful satire about post-colonial Senegal. As Dieng concludes “honesty is a sin in this country.”

This film will be presented in Wolof with English subtitles.

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