A&S Wilson

The firm was located at 541-551 Third Avenue, Downtown. It was a partnership of Adam Wilson of 318 North Neville Street, Oakland, J. Charles Wilson of 320 N Neville Street, and W.P. Clyde of 147 Auburn Street in East Liberty.

A & S Wilson built houses and other buildings for a number of Pittsburgh’s manufacturing and social elite in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Work by the firm in Allegheny West included the construction of a large carriage house at 705 Brighton Road.

Other work by A & S Wilson included construction of:

  • Downtown: the headquarters of the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company at 200 Ross Street
  • Squirrel Hill: houses at 1130 Shady Avenue and 1405, 1415, and 1427 Squirrel Hill Avenue
  • Shadyside: the Spencer House at 719 Amberson Avenue; houses at 5131 Ellsworth Avenue,
    653 Morewood Avenue, 5131 Pembroke Place, and 512-514 Shady Avenue; and a carriage
    house at 400 Devonshire Street
  • Highland Park: a house at 5655 Stanton Avenue