806 Western Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Pittsburgh Pirates 5K/10K Information

This weekend marks the return of the Pirates Home Run 5K, 10K, & One Mile Fun Run that supports Pirates Charities. The race is on Saturday, April 14th at 7:30 am and there are new course routes this year with new road closures.

Road Closures for 5K/10K

The race starts and finishes around PNC Park with the post-race party on Federal Street around PNC Park will close as early as 5:00 am, while the entire course will close at 7:00 am. Sections of the course will open as runners have passed through to allow for quicker road openings.

Road Closures & Marathon Cheer-a-thon Party this Sunday May 1st, at 6:00 am at 944 Western Ave

Annual Allegheny West Marathon Party will begin this Sunday, May 1st, at 6:00 am at 944 Western Ave. This is a BYOB and covered dish brunch. First runner to hit Western Ave will be around 7:00 am.

Please come and cheer the runners!

Important: Maps & Road Closures

Race Routes “Detailed” Road Closures*

* Not that detailed. It only lists Western Ave, but since the race goes up to Ridge along Brighton and then down Galveston to Western more than Western will be closed.

We’re trying to track down exactly where and when they’re going to block traffic, but for sure if you park on…

  • the 800 block of N Lincoln, Western & Maolis (might be able to take Rope down to Beech to get out)
  • Galveston between Ridge and at least Dounton
  • Brighton between Ridge and Beech
  • anywhere on Ridge

…you’ll be completely locked in by the race. If you plan to go anywhere before 10:00 am the day of the marathon you’re going to need to move your car to another location the night before. They absolutely will not let you drive through the racers so please plan accordingly.

I will do my best to confirm exactly where they’re closing the roads, but I would suggest moving your cars to Beech or North at the very least. You only need to move your cars if you’re planning to go anywhere that morning.

They will actually tow cars (I think) along the race routes:

  • Brighton from Western to Ridge
  • Ridge from Brighton to Galveston
  • Galveston from Ridge to Western
  • Western from Galveston to Allegheny (and beyond)

In the past we’ve been able to arrange some temporary parking for people landlocked by the race but unfortunately the lots we’ve used in the past (i.e. Babe, etc) are blocked by the race this time around so folks will need to do their best to make alternate arrangements themselves. Again you only have to move your car if you park along the race route or if need to leave the neighborhood before 10:00 am the day of the marathon.

As soon as I get confirmation from the City, I’ll share with the neighborhood but please start thinking about any travel plans you have for Sunday morning.

See you at the Cheer-a-thon at Tim’s!



Road Closures for 3rd Annual Pittsburgh 10 Miler

More than 4,000 participants from 29 states are expected to toe the starting line of the 3rd annual EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler, scheduled for Sunday, October 25, 2015. This race is a part of the 2015-16 PRRO Circuit, a prestigious national series that offers world-class competition in events shorter than the marathon distance, with more than $400,000 in prize money.

Beginning at 7:15 am and 10:00 am parts of Ridge Avenue, Brighton Road and Western Avenue will be closed for this race. The streets will reopen on a rolling basis as the runners have passed, trash has been removed and the police have deemed them cleared for reopening.

Our goal is to make the road closure process as easy as possible for those leaving the city and those attending the event. Please visit for more information. If you have any questions regarding the event or road closures, please contact Dennis DiRaimondo at (412) 586-7785 x 116.